Stained glass works made lovingly by hand.

What started as a hobby several years ago has turned into my passion. I have always loved Celtic design, but to make it in stained glass is a joy. I make pieces I love that challenge my creative abilities and my ladies have always been among my best-loved pieces. The changing seasons inspire me to come up with new designs and old favourites.

Each piece of stained glass that comes from my workshop is a unique work of art made with loving hands and to the very best of my ability. No two pieces are alike and each must meet my high standards when they leave my hands to go to yours.

The stained glass process takes time and patience and each piece I post will look as good, and most often better, than the picture you see. You can be proud to give one of my art pieces as a gift to a loved one or friend, a colleague, or to hang in your own home.

Customer service is as important to me as it is to you and I want you to be happy with your purchase.